Leading port and maritime software provider Innovez One will supply its marineM digital platform for use in the Indonesian Ports of Balikpapan and Belawan, which are among the largest, busiest and fastest-growing in the country. Innovez One has recently signed contracts with Indonesian state-owned port services companies Pelindo I and Pelindo IV, which have since merged into a single entity named Pelindo.

The marineM job planner is a Marine Operating System (MOS) that will optimise crucial marine services for arriving and departing vessels, such as allocating tug pilot and service boats. The Ports of Balikpapan and Belawan will use the marineM solution to digitise the entire pilotage process, automatically recording position and job information to capture precise and accurate operational data, and feed it into the billing process. This will save valuable time, reduce errors, and give the port greater scope to optimise vessel and berth allocation, assisted by marineM’s AI-powered algorithms.

As the Port of Balikpapan and Port of Belawan grow, the optimisation of marine services through digital solutions has become a key strategic objective. With systems often relying on physical paper trails, whiteboards and excel sheets, digitalising these services unlocks a range of new opportunities. The port is also looking to use AIS and GPS to automatically log vessel activity, minimising errors in data capture, a process that will be facilitated by marineM.

David Yeo, CEO and Founder of Innovez One, commented: “The Ports of Balikpapan and Belawan have become busier over the last year, and have recognised that in order to capitalise on this success, they need to digitalise and optimise the hundreds of pilot, tug and supply boat journeys that take place every day. With so many operations and jobs happening at once, and the necessity to respond to a dynamic and ever-changing schedule, ports need advanced artificial intelligence to help them optimise their activities. This not only saves time and speeds up operations, but can reduce fuel consumption and maintenance costs if boats can do more work while travelling shorter distances. It also means that stakeholders up and down the supply chain can predict marine services operations further in advance and plan accordingly.”

Adhy Santoso, CEO of PT Innovez One Indonesia, added: “As many ports in a similar situation are finding, it’s difficult to invest in developing a solution to do this for themselves – only a small minority of ports around the world can manage this digital transformation in house. Innovez One is proud to partner with Pelindo to realise the potential of Balikpapan and Belawan to become smart ports and compete at a time when the ability of ports to clear backlogs and streamline operations is more important than ever.”

This announcement comes at a pivotal moment for Pelindo. On October 1st, 2021, Pelindo I, II, III and IV were merged into one entity, which covers the whole of Indonesia and has become the 8th largest terminal operator in the world. The merger also resulted in the creation of a new sub-holding called PT. Pelindo Jasa Maritim (Pelindo Marine Service), whose coverage area is the whole of Indonesia.

The President Director of PT. Pelindo Jasa Maritim, Mr. Prasetyadi, who was previously President Director of Pelindo IV, commented: “We’ve seen how marineM as a Marine Operating System has enabled a digital step-change for ports around the region and we are excited to work with Innovez One to make our marine operations smarter, more efficient and more transparent. The first and last mile of any maritime journey are some of the most complex to manage, and as we grow, the ability to handle these stages of the supply chain digitally is only going to become more important.”

This new partnership builds on a strong user base in South East Asia for Innovez One. MarineM has been in use in some of Asia’s busiest ports, such as Singapore and Tanjung Priok, Teluk Bayur, Panjang, Banten in Indonesia, for over a decade in some cases, enabling hundreds of thousands of dollars of savings per year and improved Port efficiency to gather for future growth.