Following the acquisitions of SHE Maritime in the UK and Econocaribe Consolidators in the US, ECU Line have become one of the market leaders in the US. SHE Maritime has been involved in the US trade for over 30 years and Econocaribe, who were established in 1968, has a strong network throughout Central America and the Caribbean. Coupled with the expertise and knowledge of over 200 staff in the UK and the US, ECU Line has fast become one of the most reliable and efficient LCL carriers to and from the US.

As of today ECU Line and all owned brands worldwide are unifying under the banner of ECU Worldwide. This new unified stance across the globe will ensure a consistent presence with integrated systems and processes end to end. At the same time retaining the knowledge, experience and personnel that made the group strong and continues to underpin the organisation today.

Operating seven LCL routes directly into London from: Atlanta, Charleston, Chicago, Houston, Miami, New York and Los Angeles, and with two routes directly into Manchester from Chicago and New York it enables us to give a wider choice for importers to receive freight quickly and efficiently.  With facilities in Purfleet and Manchester we are able to arrange unloading within 24 hours of the vessels arrival at the port of entry be it Liverpool or Southampton.

We are also offering six major LCL routes into the US as well from the UK, with direct services into Charleston, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, and New York with receiving facilities in 10 different locations throughout the UK. These services are supplemented with an extensive IPI network throughout the country encompassing over 60 CFS stations.

The USA market can be complex with strict procedures for pre-filing shipments at both ends so it’s important you are working with a supplier who knows the market and has stringent procedures in place. Likewise it vital that your supplier is in control of the containers at both ends to ensure transparency. The USA is a big country with many different entry points, partly served by sea and land so is essential your supplier has strong networks in both

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