10 tips for driving in snow and icy conditions

  • Allow extra time for your journey
  • Keep up to date with the changing weather conditions and closed route

  • Carry in your cab: strong sacks which can be used to put under your vehicle wheels if your vehicle becomes stuck; warm clothes and blankets; food and a hot drink in a flask; a torch; mobile phone and charger and sunglasses as snow can reflect light

  • Clear your vehicle of any ice and snow before you start your journey

  • Drive at lower speeds and keep ten times the normal stopping distance on icy roads

  • Keep in mind that other vehicles may get into difficulties

  • Break gentle and slow down sooner

  • Avoid any sudden braking or steering

  • Take extra care at junctions as road signs and markings can be obscured by snow

  • When snow is falling, use dipped headlights and reduce your speed


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