The new Mandata Event Viewer serves as an early warning detection system of data traffic movements, helping hauliers avoid problems with jobs that can come from missed or inaccurate data.

Chronicling the delivery of data imports via Mandata’s advanced EDI (electronic data interchange) solutions, the event viewer displays their progress in a simple, easy-to-follow format on any suitable desktop PC. This provides the user with all the information around data traffic and details of import routines at the touch of a button.

Utilising the viewer allows the user to monitor EDI progress to see if an action has been completed successfully, or if there’s been any failure of data import. These incidences are flagged instantly on the screen together with an easy-to-understand explanation as to when and why the EDI has failed to complete.

This capability provides added visibility, keeping the transport operator alerted and able to resolve any issues before the customer raises them.

The event viewer is part of a range of EDI solutions from Mandata, which facilitate the fast transfer of information to and from haulage companies’ transport management system (TMS).

Operators can use the EDI to transfer information quickly and automatically between systems, saving time and avoiding manual data input, minimising data errors and simplifying the acceptance of orders from customers.

This enable hundreds of jobs, and other details a transport operator may require updating on a regular basis, such as driver calendars, vehicle details, to be added automatically to the TMS preserving data accuracy and reducing the administrative burden, reducing the amount of time it takes to enter information, and avoiding manual data input and errors.

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