Eviction, migration and violence within relationships are just some of the many reasons why young women find themselves homeless. An estimated 30 percent of the homeless in Germany are women.
The recently-founded Women’s Forum at Imperial, an African and European focused logistics provider of outsourced, integrated freight management, contract logistics and market access services, is marking this year’s International Women’s Day (8 March) with numerous initiatives around the world. Its International division specifically is making an appeal to collect as much clothing, shoes, medical dressings, cosmetics and hygiene products as possible through its four Duisburg offices.
The donations from individual staff will be collated and delivered to the TrebeCafé in Düsseldorf, Germany: a charity which provides homeless girls and young women with a secure space where they can warm and care for themselves, get something to eat and receive advice and counselling.
“We want to use this year’s International Women’s Day to send a strong and tangible message of solidarity to women who live their lives under the most difficult conditions,” says Tanja Vinnepand, Head of Marketing in Imperial’s International division and a representative of Imperial’s global women’s forum. “This includes homeless girls and young women in Germany, whose life is spent mainly on the streets, where they are exposed to the constant threat of violence.”
“We are supporting the TrebeCafé because we consider its work absolutely necessary, and we want to help stamp out violence and discrimination against girls and young women,” concludes Tanja Vinnepand.