Imperial Logistics International is providing free-of-charge logistics and transport services for a new disinfectant production line set up by its customer Albemarle. The two will help bring vital supplies of hand sanitiser to hospitals throughout Goslar, in Germany’s Federal State of Lower Saxony.

The Goslar council recently asked Langelsheim-based chemical company Albemarle if it could switch from its normal production of substances such as lithium, to the bulk manufacture of hand sanitiser, which was urgently needed for local hospitals in their ongoing efforts to combat COVID-19. Albemarle accepted the challenge, offering its services at no cost.

The formulation of the sanitiser was specified by Head Pharmacist Mechthild Wenke of Asklepios Clinic pharmacy. The council then arranged for supplies of its basic ingredient, ethanol, from the Wöltingerode Abbey Distillery. Finally, a project group set to work to obtain permits, satisfy quality and safety criteria and put in place the technical requirements for producing around 17,000 litres of hand-sanitizer.

When Imperial learned of the project, it willingly joined its customer in also offering its services free of charge. Imperial has now taken over collection of the ethanol from the distillery in Wöltingerode; the storage of the raw materials in its specialist hazardous materials warehouse; the onward transportation of the ingredients to Albemarle in the Langelsheim chemical park; and transportation of the finished hand sanitiser in 1000 litre barrels and IBC from Albemarle’s plant to the hospital in Goslar.

At the end of the production process, Asklepios Clinic pharmacy decants the contents of the barrels and IBC into 2.5 litre containers and smaller units, for distribution to the various hospitals and other healthcare facilities in the region. The first deliveries have been made at the beginning of May. The Clinic is also providing its services free of charge.

Head of the Goslar district administration, Thomas Brych, says: “It was not expected that companies such as Albemarle, Imperial or the Asklepios Hospital Pharmacy would carry out a project of this size free of charge. I have great respect for this, and would like to express my sincere thanks for this commitment.“

“It fills me and all the employees involved with great pride to use our knowledge and skills to make an important contribution in this difficult situation,” says Christian Müller, Production Manager at Albemarle.

Adds Imperial Logistics International Chief Commercial Officer Sandro Knecht: “A crisis situation such as COVID-19 provides us with the opportunity to demonstrate the sincerity of Imperial‘s global commitment to supporting the many communities in which we operate.

“We had no hesitation in joining with our customer Albemarle, in providing our services, resources and expertise at no cost. We are grateful for the opportunity to contribute to this important project, which will help to protect the most vulnerable in our society, and prevent the further spread of this awful disease.”