iForce, a Culina Group Company has recently been certified as a Carbon Neutral Organisation, by Carbon FootprintTM Ltd. This is a hugely significant and extremely important achievement given that the iForce business is responsible for the delivery of more than 130 million parcels annually.

For over twenty years iForce have been entrusted by many of the Uk’s biggest brands helping them to maximize the potential of multi-channel retailing through its cutting-edge supply chain and retail logistics services.

iForce have achieved certification through a forensic breakdown of the potential negative impact of its operations and a definition of environmentally friendly solutions for each.

iForce now source all power from sustainable ‘green’ supply, and all by-products of operations are recycled or composted. Charge points have been installed at all iForce sites enabling iForce employees to easily drive to work in EV vehicles.

“This is just the start of an ongoing journey for iForce and its one that has the beautiful irony of also driving down costs as doing things in a more sustainable way improves efficiency”, Said iForce CEO – Paul Thirkell,

“iForce see sustainability and the impact our business has on the planet, our local area and on our people as absolutely critical. This is not a tick box exercise for us; it’s a definite choice by iForce to operate our business with the least negative impact possible on our world.”

“Indeed iForce will go further and during next year we will be carbon positive. We will be generating a positive impact through the generation of power, and supporting more local and national projects to improve our environment. Our customers are all on this journey with us, they expect a partner who is choosing a sustainable pathway and the agenda has no less urgency for all of them.”

iForce is proud to be at the forefront of this major seed change in this sector. With buying habits set

to continue moving to online retail its worth knowing that businesses such as iForce are truly committed to positive evolution and a drive to ensuring that consumer deliveries are being brought to each door with an increasing consciousness of the impact on the welfare of our planet

With over 90% of consumers making at least one retail purchase online, and almost 30% of retail shopping now conducted online, in a UK market worth almost £120bn per annum the sustainability of the supply chains that service retail habits is crucial. With so many potential impacts in delivering goods, packaging them, and then packaging them again for transit, (that’s before returns are made!) the potential for eCommerce and fulfillment businesses to contribute to harming to the environment is hugely significant.