Two highly successful project freight forwarder networks have formed “Project Logistics Solutions”, an alliance to share their strengths and benefit from the synergies that can accrue from the greater global coverage, local know-how and shared capabilities that will result.

IFLN Global Projects – the branch of the Houston, Texas-based International Freight Logistics Network (IFLN) that brings together cargo agents active in project and heavy lift forwarding – has joined forces with the relatively new but rapidly growing LARGO+ (the name deriving simply from ‘large cargo’, with a little bit extra).

The alliance brings together 100+ forwarders specializing in project cargo and together they will now be able to collaborate quickly and conveniently on joint projects, share references and expand their combined geographical coverage into new markets.

While both networks will also continue to exist independently, the alliance will make available new business opportunities, capacity and resources will be shared and there will be a resulting improved value proposition for all members and their clients.

A shared focus on quality

Michel Vanlerberghe, president of IFLN, explains that amongst the main attractions of LARGO+ is the new dynamic energy combined with an extremely successful track record. Only launched in 2020, LARGO+ has grown quickly, despite the pandemic and its impact on business operations and the global supply chain.

Its growing territorial coverage is complementary rather than overlapping with that of IFLN Global Projects, he notes, the tie-up offering significant potential synergies in terms not only of geographical footprint but also client base.

Moreover, LARGO+ shares IFLN’s prioritization of only welcoming highly capable forwarders that offer genuine project cargo shipping expertise, meaning there will be no dilution in the quality of network membership for either party involved in the alliance.

“Only qualified forwarders that have been vetted for their project experience are eligible to become a member of the alliance between LARGO+ and IFLN Global Projects,” Vanlerberghe points out.

“LARGO+ is a particularly good match for us,” he says, the alliance representing “plenty of potential new business for all involved”.

Some of the LARGO+ forwarder members were able to attend the recent IFLN World Conference held in Las Vegas, which represented a good opportunity for the beginning of a bonding process between members of the two networks, Vanlerberghe continues. There was an exchange of business ideas and experiences, with much learned and shared about today’s evolving project cargo market.

Michael von Loesch, CEO of LARGO+, is also of the opinion that the shared emphasis on quality of network membership is critical, and that there are exciting synergies to be exploited by the two allies. “LARGO+ is a young, dynamic network,” he observes, one that continues to grow quickly from its launch just 18 months ago.

“And we are always on the lookout for new, capable members, “ von Loesch continues, “building on the success we have already achieved.

“Our goal with the alliance is to share member listings, capabilities and success stories within both networks.”

Relationships will be cemented at future conferences that will bring together members from both LARGO+ and IFLN Global Projects, while a new digital magazine will detail the capabilities of alliance member forwarders that will be available to all the cargo agents of both networks and that can also be shared with their customers.

The response to the alliance from the cargo agents of both networks has been more than positive. “They realize the opportunities the alliance will offer,” Vanlerberghe and von Loesch observe.