“This is our industry, our passion, our world.”

IELA, the International Exhibition Logistics Association, launched the campaign TOGETHER STRONG last March 5th, both to celebrate and honour every single individual in the exhibition and event industry in this time of uncertainty, and to foster business in thousands of vertical industries all over the world. 

In these challenging times where confinement measures are changing everyone’s life, the power of human beings to be able to adapt to any situation is a strong pillar on which the industry can count and rely.


“This is our industry, our passion, our world.”

IELA believes that the exhibition and event industry is a truly global industry made of resilient, creative and strong people: Passionate minds that find new ways to support the industry, supportive institutions in close contact with governments since day 0, problem solvers who are already offering their alternatives and solutions, associations from all over the world joining forces with one common goal.

Together with associations, organisers, venues and service providers etc, we are building the contingency network to cater to the industry’s needs.

For this reason, and due to the nature of home office participation which offers unrelenting flexibility to combat the loss of cancelled activities, IELA invites all event professionals to join the initiative TOGETHER STRONG and celebrate Global Exhibitions Days, TOGETHER and STRONG!

#GED2020 #togetherstrong

Agility Fairs & Events Logistics Team

The strength of the industry now as a united entity will trigger the smooth return to face-to-face action. Postponed shows are being rescheduled for later this year and all event professionals, from organisers to service providers, are already busy getting prepared for this new challenge.

Joint the Fight! Be a part of the contingency network.

Share your own picture of being STRONG on social media using the hashtag #togetherstrong & #GED2020 and your personal message to the industry partners!

Share your STRONG picture in support of our global and STRONG Exhibition Industry.