MD of £116m turnover independent logistics business Europa Worldwide Group, Andrew Baxter – a firm supporter of both Brexit and the Conservative party – gives his reaction to today’s election result of a hung parliament.

“This result is a disaster. Theresa May’s position now looks very vulnerable indeed and I expect she will go in the near future – maybe as soon as in the next week – because she will struggle to have the authority to lead the party through the coming period.

“This will be worsened by people blaming her for putting the party and country in this position by calling the election. I suspect that there will be another general election within the next year, perhaps in October or November. However, I think this would be dangerous or the Conservatives as there is zero appetite for another election.

“I doubt the Conservatives will be able to push through Brexit without a majority so therefore the nature of Brexit – or in fact whether it happens at all – will depend, if I’m right, upon the result of the next election.

“The upshot of this election in my opinion is total instability and a very unclear picture for the future of the UK.”