Did you start a business from home during lockdown that’s taken off? Need more space for your stock or business equipment? Using self-storage is an ideal solution for all your small business needs.

We’ll weigh up the pros and cons of using conventional warehouse storage and take a look at why self-storage might be more suited for your business.

Conventional warehouse spacing solutions

Many businesses turn to warehouse space for their stock, whilst this is ideal for large businesses, self-storage solutions might be better suited for your homegrown business. Here we’ll explore the positives and negatives of warehouse storage.

Positives of warehouse storage

Holds large amounts of stock
Warehouse storage can provide big businesses with large scale space, typically up upwards of 1000 sq. ft. this type of storage is ideal for machinery or large amounts of stock/equipment.

Location and accessibility
To accommodate a large amount of space needed, warehouse storage is often on the outskirts of cities. They’re often accessible from main roads, making it easy to collect and deliver stock for your business.

Minimise business risk
There’s more security and less risk with using warehouse storage as your goods will be protected with the owner’s insurance if you’re renting.

Negatives of warehouse storage

Hassle of buying or leasing warehouse space
When buying a warehouse for storage, UK companies have to take out a commercial mortgage which can make it more difficult to own the space.

Service or maintenance charges
Whether you’re buying or leasing warehouse space, you might be subject to paying towards maintaining the space. This could include paying for security, landscaping or even cleaning. It’s important to check what’s included in the cost of the rent, including insurance and repairs within the warehouse.

Business rates to pay
All commercial tenants must pay business rates on properties they occupy, which will cost around 50% of the price of rent. With self-storage, there is no need to pay business rates.

Using self-storage for your business

Using self-storage for your small business needs is an ideal way to save money and free up some space in your home. Here are some of the ways that self-storage can help your small business.


Self-storage is much more cost-effective than warehouse storage as it doesn’t require the maintenance and security up-keep that a warehouse does. For a small business, the size and cost of self-storage are much more manageable, allowing you to spend the money on your business instead.


Many small businesses appreciate the flexibility of self-storage. You can expand or downsize the space as you need without much difficulty. You can also access your goods in storage as often as you like.

Not tied into a lease

With self-storage, you won’t be tied into using the unit for a certain amount of time, as you would with leasing a warehouse. You can use self-storage for as little or as long as you like.

Peace of mind

You’ll have peace of mind knowing your stock is stored safely in your self-storage units. The units will have 24/7 CCTV monitoring and extra safety measures in place if you wish to add these on.

Staff to take in deliveries

Some self-storage units will have dedicated staff on hand to take in stock deliveries for you if you can’t be present. This can really help your business by freeing up some of your time.