With online shopping reaching new heights throughout the various lockdowns in the last twelve months, we feel confident that many of us reading this and beyond have had experience with shipping of some sort in recent times.  

While it can seem challenging to think of how shipping goods worldwide could be done in an eco-friendly manner, there are ways that companies big and small can do just this. However, what should you consider when wanting to establish a shipping business that focuses on being sustainable? Read on to find out more.  

Sustainable Packaging Options 

One of the main ways to establish yourself as a sustainable shipping business is by providing your customers with an eco-friendly packaging option. With more interest in being environmentally friendly and opting for things that would be recyclable, or which could be broken down over time, this is undoubtedly an ideal place to start when wanting to be sustainable as a shipping business.  

Packaging is at the heart of shipping goods worldwide, regardless of whether the product being sent is fragile or not. Eco friendly polythene is provided to interested companies such as yourselves, from businesses like Polythene UK. Learn more about Polythene here to understand how it could benefit your business. 

Furthermore, you could also offer your customers the opportunity to return any packaging they may no longer want, in exchange for rewards or some sort of discount on a future order. Offering an incentive wherever possible is sure to encourage customers to take part and get on board.  

Offsetting Carbon Emissions 

Something that has become more popular over the years and which many companies have begun offering their customers. Offsetting carbon emissions is the process of enabling companies or organisations the opportunity to invest in environmental projects across the world as a means of balancing out any carbon that might be produced within their business processes.  

Companies big and small have begun to invest heavily in this as an option for their shipping and manufacturing processes, so it is undoubtedly worth considering in your own business proposal moving forward. Taking responsibility for unavoidable carbon emissions will not only give you the reputation of a business that cares but one that is leading the way in tackling climate change.  

Ship Items in Bulk 

It goes without saying but minimising the number of vehicles that are used to ship an item, or minimising the number of journeys that are taken to deliver a product, would drastically reduce the amount of carbon that is produced throughout the lifetime of that product. 

By making a conscious effort to ship items in bulk wherever possible, you would be killing two birds with one stone. You would be minimising the number of journeys taken to deliver a product while also halving the amount of packaging that is used.  

Linking to our previous point, you could even offer a discount or incentive to customers who order products in bulk. This would be beneficial for both yourselves as a business but to the customer as a consumer. Pretty ideal, if you ask us. 

While these are but a handful of the things that could be done when wanting to establish yourself as an eco-friendly shipping business in 2021. We hope you go forth with confidence that whatever you choose to do, is effective both long and short term.  

Ella Woodward, Contributing Writer, businessella.com