Across the United States, the self-storage industry has been absolutely massive for a number of years. However, in Europe it has only started to grow recently. This infographic from 2Flow takes you through why the self-storage industry has become such big business. Self-storage is used by both individuals and businesses for a variety of different reasons.

The reality is that increased urbanisation will increase the demand for both residential and commercial buildings and this means that the room everyone has to store goods is constantly being reduced. The rising property prices also mean we can’t afford to store absolutely everything we want at home. Couple this with our relentless accumulation of goods in the last 50 years, you create a huge demand for more storage space.

The U.K is home to 47% of Europe’s self-storage sites but there are still only 3.7 storage units for every 1 million Europeans. In places like Poland less than 10% of people know what self-storage is but this is likely to change in years to come. Facilities are also going to become more high-tech in years to come with more focus on design and amenities. Find out more in the infographic below.

Rob Memery, Operations Manager, 2flow