Watertight doors market witnessed sales of nearly 77,570 units in 2018 and is poised to grow at an impressive y-o-y of over 5.5% through 2019. Buoyancy of the global watertight doors market can be attributed to-

  • Optimistic outlook of coastal and marine tourism
  • Surging rate of ocean-based activities
  • Rising focus on ship repair and maintenance
  • Flourishing seaborne transportation and trade

Federal initiatives to promote marine safety have worked in favor of high-scale production of marine components, such as watertight doors. For instance, the Government of Canada is introducing additional measures for enhancement of navigation safety and emergency response in the Canadian waters. The measures were presented in the form of an official announcement and acknowledged as a part of Canada’s ‘Oceans Protection Plan’. On 14th June 2018, the U.S. Coast Guard announced two workforce initiatives in line with the ‘Marine Safety Program’. Particulars as such provide enough credence to the promising outlook of watertight doors market in 2019 and beyond.

“Investments in various forms of sustainable tourism, including coastal and marine tourism, is underway. This, in turn, has resulted in augmented production of marine vessels and associated components for safety, such as watertight doors. Rising vigor of ocean-based industries, such as offshore exploration and production, is supporting growth of offshore marine vessels and related components, including watertight doors”, says report

The report opines cruise ship revitalization and overhauls to be a prominent trend with profound influences on sales of watertight doors. The increasing demand for upgrading older ships by including advanced amenities and components is complementing the growth of building and repair activities, favoring high-scale production and sales of watertight doors.

As per the report, installation of hinged watertight doors is proliferating at an impressive rate, with global sales likely to cross 71,000 units in 2019. Robust watertight seal withstanding adverse conditions remains a key USP enhancing the visibility of hinged watertight doors over the sliding variants.

According to the report, end-users remain biased toward hydraulic as a viable source over electric ones in the watertight doors landscape, with global sales estimated to exceed 71,348 units in 2019. Hydraulic watertight doors have been traditionally employed in commercial and military vessels alike, owing to their attribute of greater power delivery through smaller force. Additionally, relatively higher control accuracy in light of simple push buttons and levers employed, and economic benefits owing to fewer moving parts equipped, are key demand determinants of hydraulic watertight doors.

Manufacturers Seek Approvals from Renowned Organizations to Boost Credibility

The manufacturing framework of watertight doors witnesses major reformations in the light of evolving environmental concerns. Manufacturing companies are switching to sustainability-driven approaches, wherein production processes and value creation for the environment remain closely associated. Manufacturers of watertight doors are seeking approvals from prominent organizations providing marine classification, such as International Association of Classification Societies (IACS), to boost consumer confidence and get repeat sales

Leading manufacturers of watertight doors are vying to offer distinguishable products to gain competitive advantages amid homogeneous competitors, which will help them strengthen their brand equity. Sensing the end-user shift toward high convenience and superior functionality, manufacturers of watertight doors remain focused on offering maintenance free and easy-to-install products for seamless operations on board.

According to the report, the leading manufacturing companies are reinvigorating their technical know-how with high investments in research and development. This, in turn, is fostering their capabilities in terms of offering an ideal amalgamation of intelligent designs, enhanced longevity, and improved usability. Moreover, manufacturers are incorporating industry best drive systems in their products to offer reliable and safe products bolstering end-user convenience. As per report analysis, the industry giants remain involved in strategic collaborations with shipyards for seamless supply, which helps them boost their profit margins.

The report traces brimming opportunities in the watertight doors market for the forecast period of 2018-2028. As per the report, the watertight doors market is envisaged to grow at a volume CAGR of over 5.5% through 2028.

These insights are based on a report on Watertight Doors Market by Future Market Insights.