Vast amounts of shipping companies rely on manual procedures to record data onto their transportation management system (TMS). Whilst it’s a traditional process, this form of data handling can be unreliable, potentially threatening a company and their assets. An outdated method? Perhaps. Considering that we live in such a digitalised world, this could be seen as an old-fashioned process. Especially when we are exposed to readily available features such as monitoring, alerts and GPS and tracking. ‘While manual processes are time consuming, inefficient and add to the unnecessary cost digital adoption is lagging, especially in ocean freight,’ says Dr. Felix Richter, CEO, Ocean Insights.

Conscious that ocean freight is crying out for an innovation to increase the visibility of overseas shipping, Ocean Insights has created a data-driven solution. Ensuring that freight forwarders can manage their workflow digitally and monitor their freight operations, Ocean Insights’ IT ‘Container Track & Trace’ technology could be the future of the logistics industry. Ocean Insights’ close work with Beneficial Cargo Owners (BCOs) provides an insight of the technicalities in the shipping industry, addressing its technology to suit the needs of each shipper’s pain points. Richter states that Ocean Insights ‘provides effective data and solutions to curtail IT and data complexity and automate the container tracking processes.’

Cracking down on what is most important for containerised shipping, Ocean Insights recognised that it is imperative to know the location of containers, especially if they are at high risk. This includes customers with high volumes of containers across multiple carriers, so the built-in container track-and-trace solution alerts clients each time a container’s ETA changes or if the container is stationary at a port longer than expected. The solution further delivers a complete suite of carrier and port performance statistics, offering business intelligence for efficient planning and decision-making through the use of detailed performance analytics provided to the customer. As an example, performance comparisons for China Ocean Shipping Company (COSCO) as well as Orient Overseas Container Line (OOCL) provides information about the transhipment ports that are prone to delays, highlighting options where additional time purchases from carriers could avoid future demurrage costs.

Sea ports are flooded with import loads, and there are around five-million sailing schedule changes every day. A service that provides improved visibility in ocean freight shipments is key. Ocean Insights delivers strategic supply-chain visibility that also solves schedule data reliability. Ocean Insights’ Sailing Schedule database monitors, updates and curates schedule data around the clock.  

Richter confirms, ‘We provide the most accurate and complete sailing schedule data on all shipping lines and services.’  This standardised approach to ocean freight also makes the API easy to integrate with clients’ existing TMS systems and software.

The number-one priority for shipping data handling is quality of results. In order to achieve quality, you need efficiency, reliability and security. Using the most-updated methods and technology for recording data will not only decrease your risk of monetary losses, but also human error.

Rachel Jefferies, Editor, FORWARDER magazine  


Ocean Insights was founded in Hong Kong in 2012. With offices in India and Germany, the Ocean Insights Team is today operating on global scale, providing data and intelligence for the logistics industry to improve visibility and transparency in ocean freight.

For the first time ever, we combine container liner schedules and carriers’ container tracking information with neutral AIS vessel tracking data, allowing our customers to plan and monitor operations on a level never experienced before.

With a strong IT focus and an expert team of data analysts, we take pride in supporting our customers and showing the guiding thread in a field where data is often hardly available and even less often comparable.

Our team is constantly working on new approaches and innovative solutions that will make your day-to-day operations easier and give you knowledge and tools to let you be a step ahead. And we’re growing!

Ocean Insights’ innovative Container Track & Trace software service connects carrier information with actual vessel whereabouts, providing neutral, real-time information for all your shipments, independent from the carrier and booking channel. Container status updates, ETA, schedule changes and delays are consolidated from multiple sources and standardized across all carriers, allowing logistics teams all around the globe to take action before things go wrong in their logistics chain. Moreover, Ocean Insights‘ Container Sailing Schedules service offers over 96 percent of the world’s sailing routes and schedules in one consolidated service package, curated and quality-assured.