You’ve just finished your last run and you’ve delivered your payload to the warehouse. Now your need to use the restroom is long overdue. After a seemingly extensive walk to the restroom you find that it’s locked. Drat! You think, “why can’t I know if the restroom is locked ahead of time so I could save myself a trip?”

There are two things most truckers and warehouse employees want in restrooms: Cleanliness and knowing when the restrooms are available.

The Heads Up Lock Company (  has taken an innovative and affordable approach to visibly showing whether restrooms are vacant from a distance even when it’s out of sight, down the hall, in another room, or even on another floor. When the eye-pleasing light is green it is vacant. When it is red it is in use. It’s that simple

Not knowing if the restrooms are available is a time-consuming problem, especially for those with a disability.

Additionally, The Heads Up Lock addresses another public restroom issue that is alarming and seldom talked about. That is the problem with drug addicts using your restroom for illicit activity. Last year, a study at New York University’s Center for Drug Use and HIV Research*  found that almost 60 percent of business managers encounter drug use in their public bathrooms. The Heads Up Lock is a powerful deterrent to would be drug users.

This patented, affordable, and ADA approved device is low-maintenance and the kit can be installed by any qualified handyman. It can be installed in all single-stall restrooms such as warehouses, restaurants, fast food chains, convenience stores, supermarkets, gas stations, hair salons, clinics, banks, schools and small business establishments of every kind.

It usually results in an instant increase in productivity because truckers and distribution facility workers will now be able to see over a long distance and gauge their need-to-go with just a quick glance. With that in mind, one can quickly realize that the cost of the product will pay for itself in short order.