After the recent success of the 20th Annual WCA conference in Singapore, Headford Group’s three primary divisions have demonstrated yet again why they are a premier strategic growth partner for all areas of the freight forwarding industry.

Delegates at the event received a copy of the latest issue of FORWARDER magazine and could see from the offset the quality of the group’s media output. This continues to be an attraction for numerous businesses throughout the industry due to the professionalism and unique characteristics of the magazine.

The recruitment shortage and issues of young talent in freight forwarding was something that Headford Growth Executive Search made great ground on by creating an environment for themselves, candidates and businesses to easily connect and grow. Singapore allowed Headford Executive Search to continue expanding their global coverage and their ethos of quality over quantity. This new Asian reach will serve the industry well with any recruitment shortages that may arise in the region in the future.

Freight Mergers was the third element of the Headford Group represented at the WCA conference who saw great promise and relevance in networking with important independent forwarders in an area that could prove beneficial for all concerned. Sales, marketing, recruitment and mergers & acquisitions within the global freight and logistics market with an unrivalled, sector-specific service has seen the group create lasting relationships in Singapore.

The excursion for Headford Group allowed all three sectors to create a name for themselves in an important region in terms of freight forwarding commerce. These three-individual sectors add up to an all-encompassing service to the industry – whether in finding the right candidates to help you grow, marketing your services and, when the time comes, selling your business – the Headford Group has spread itself into Singapore and is looking forward to helping a range of new clients in a new region.