Express Global Logistics (EXG) successfully executed a project to import 300 oxygen cylinders from China for the Government of India. The shipment comprised a total volume of 108mt of empty cylinders packed in 150 wooden boxes.

A Boeing 747-400F was chartered from Tianjin Binhai International Airport to Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport for the first 252 oxygen cylinders weighing 77mt. The remaining 48 cylinders were brought in on scheduled flights.

EXG’s scope involved receiving the 150 wooden boxes, packing and palletising them at the warehouse in China and obtaining export clearance which included hazard clearance due to the batteries in the pressure measuring device on the cylinder. Post export clearance, they were responsible for hiring a charter from the Chinese authorities, receiving the cargo at the Delhi airport, streamlining import custom clearance and loading the shipment on trailers for further transport.

Vishvendra Singh at EXG comments; “It was critical to arrange a charter for the cargo to reach India at short notice in light of the COVID-19 second wave. We coordinated with various government agencies to ensure receipt of the cargo from the shipper in a timely manner. Given the crisis, we obtained permits in China under humanitarian aid and relief cargo.

Due to the original flight exceeding its allotted quota to fly into China, we rescheduled a new one without disrupting the original timeline before ensuring prompt import clearance at the Delhi airport to facilitate the quick transportation of the cargo to its final destination.”

All the cargo was cleared safely and without incident, fully meeting the delivery deadlines. Express Global Logistics are committed to provide any assistance to facilitate the logistics of medical equipment in the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic.