That was the reaction from the RHA to the news from Chancellor Rishi Sunack that government is to provide a £330bn package of financial measures to help the economy, suffering as a result of coronavirus.

These include aid for companies to access loans, a business rates holiday, and help for small firms without insurance.

Commenting, RHA chief executive Richard Burnett said: “This is good news for the thousands of businesses that are suffering as a result of the impact of the current pandemic.

“For UK hauliers in particular it’s good news. Their profit margins stand at between 1% and 2% and many are already operating on a knife-edge. For them, these measures represent the difference between make or break.

“It is also encouraging to hear the Chancellor say that he will be talking to business groups to arrange new support. I will personally try to ensure that that haulage operators, responsible for moving the entire economy, are top of the list. The RHA has been pushing tirelessly for the past four days, including throughout the weekend, to get financial support for the haulage industry during these difficult times.”

The RHA is currently disseminating at all the details surrounding these ‘rescue’ measures and will be passing on the information to members.