Globe Tracker, a leader in IoT tracking and monitoring solutions for logistics assets, and Taylor Power Systems, a premier, made in U.S.A, generator manufacturer, have come together to deliver a fully connected genset solution for the cold chain.
The fully integrated solution will provide customers with full visibility of Taylor genset operating parameters including fuel level, geo-fences and remote shut off capability. The solution will assist customers with fuel management, asset utilization and notification of fuel theft and improper use.
“We are proud of the genset solution that we developed with Taylor Power Systems. The solution is very clean and delivers on the data required to improve operations, increase efficiency and utilization while addressing maintenance and fuel theft issues in near real time,” says Don Miller, VP of Sales and Marketing at Globe Tracker.
“We found it very easy to work with Globe Tracker. The pedigree of their technology along with their service levels is what made it easy for us to select them as our preferred telematics vendor,” noted John Scarborough, National Accounts Manager for Taylor Power Systems.