The “Strategic company” Prize rewards a major French company that has played an eminent role for national sovereignty.

The Institut Choiseul, an independent think tank dedicated to the analysis of contemporary strategic issues and international economic questions, has presented Marie-Christine Lombard, Chairwoman of the Executive Board and CEO of GEODIS, with the “Strategic Company of the Year” award as part of the Sovereignty Initiative. This initiative brings together high-level decision-makers to address strategic issues affecting national and European sovereignty.

This prize rewards GEODIS for its eminent role in French sovereignty. As a global leading transport and logistics provider, the Group is an essential contributor to the world economy. It plays a decisive role in boosting the growth and competitiveness of French companies internationally and supports the relocation of certain strategic industries in France.

The vital nature of logistics was clearly demonstrated during the health crisis. GEODIS leveraged its expertise to set up an emergency airlift between China and France for the delivery of masks. Months later, the Group also supported the vaccination campaign by supplying vaccines throughout the country. This enabled France to keep control of the autonomous supply and distribution of these essential products.

Receiving the “Strategic Company” award for GEODIS, Marie-Christine Lombard declared: “On behalf of the 45,000 employees of GEODIS, we are very proud to receive this award, which recognizes our role as a strategic company. It is also an opportunity to highlight our business sector, because without transport and logistics, the economy would come to a standstill. This is the reason why France must have a national logistician of international scope.”