Logistics provider arranges air freight transportation with Antonov An-225 from China to Poland / Giant airplane lands at Rzeszów airport for the first time

 Gebrüder Weiss was responsible for the first ever arrival of the world’s largest cargo plane at Rzeszów airport, transporting goods from China to Poland. The Antonov An-225 landed at the airport, located 170 kilometers east of Krakow, in the late evening of November 13, carrying project-based cargo for the Polish industry on board. The Antonov had left the Chinese airport of Tianjin a day earlier.

Stanislaw Rosciszewski, Country Manager Poland at Gebrüder Weiss: “Although charter flights are a regular part of our air services, handling the transport of goods with a cargo aircraft of this size was something special for us. Our air freight managers in Poland and China were able to perfectly organize the entire supply chain between manufacturer and recipient in a very short space of time and under the difficult pandemic conditions.”

The oversized freighter is ideal for heavy transport. “The situation in air and sea freight remains very tense, as there is still not enough cargo space. With the Antonov, we can quickly transport large-volume goods for our customers quickly,” explains Lothar Thoma, Managing Director Air & Sea at Gebrüder Weiss. The logistics company had already used the giant freighter for a transport to Austria in October. In addition, the somewhat smaller Antonov An-124 has been chartered several times this year for flights to Europe.

Gebrüder Weiss is represented in Poland with seven of its own locations since 2020 (Head office: Krakow). 85 employees work to offer industrial and trade customers solutions in the areas of land transport, Air & Sea, project transports and logistics.