Howard Cox, Founder of FairFuelUK says:

“We are delighted our rookie Chancellor has listened to common sense, due to our intensive lobbying and back bench Tory pressure. And frozen Fuel Duty for an unparalleled 10th consecutive Budget including George Osborne’s instinctive one penny cut in 2011.”

“Rishi is hailed with a huge sigh of relief, by our 1.7m supporters, motorists, motorcyclists, van drivers and hauliers. But to all the anti-internal combustion engine over reported voices, even with this insightful freeze, UK drivers remain the highest taxed in the world.”

“And let it not go unnoticed, virtually all countries tax diesel less than petrol too. So, any virtue signalling green tax hike trumpeted to be in this Budget, now avoided, on diesel does not hold water. EU countries see clean diesel as the commercial heartbeat of their economies and so tax it less. The UK must do the same, especially as we are nearly free of the EU’s fiscal shackles.”

“This Government must recognise, that drivers do not want to be seen just as environmental pariahs and perennial easy cash cows. We must put money back into consumer spending, free up roads congestion and incentivise drivers to move to cleaner fuels and practical solutions to help lower emissions, without the threat of ineffective vehicle bans and regressive pay to pollute taxes. Any thought of future tax increases on hard pressed motorists, will result in a Drivers Rebellion. Well done Chancellor, that for the moment is postponed.”