Les was browsing LinkedIn and spotted a post from ALS advertising available warehouse space within our network. He quickly got in touch and started the ball rolling. Les and ALS then worked closely to organise multiple deliveries, to warehouses across our network, from a whole range of his major clients.

Les Flanagan is owner and managing director of Les Flanagan Logistics Services Ltd. He has over 40 years of experience working in the UK logistics sector and has previously worked with both ASDA and George. His business has grown year on year and this year looks to be no different, with record breaking sales. His business supports a vast array of companies involved in the supply chain; from 3pls to freight forwarders and retailers to wholesalers and manufacturers. He provides outsourcing solutions, business development, supply chain trouble shooting and warehouse and transport brokerage activities.

Les was browsing LinkedIn back in early June and noticed a post from Asda Logistics Services in his newsfeed, advertising available warehouse space within the ALS network. On the 10th of June, he quickly emailed to make an enquiry about what space was available and where. He was swiftly introduced to Denise Rafton (Commercial Analyst) and Rob Symons (Commercial Operations Manager) via email and provided with a table of warehouse sites across the UK and their availability.

Very quickly, Les began working with the ALS team to arrange 500 pallets of frozen food into Bedford, followed by potentially 7,000 pallets into Lutterworth scheduled for around mid-August, a fast turnaround of a solution, with an additional 12,000 pallets into Didcot for the same time. Les has also lined up a further 1,500 pallets of frozen to go into Bristol in September with another 1,000 pallets of frozen organised to go into Bedford imminently, pending time scales. That’s a total introduction of 23,500 pallets across 5 of my key customers. These customers are 3pls, freight forwarders, a manufacturer and a wholesaler.

It’s astonishing progress really from a LinkedIn message that I could have easily missed! My recent experience with ASDA has been really positive. Rob and Denise have been responsive, flexible and very accommodating. Culturally it has been a good fit with how I operate and I have been impressed with the personal interaction with Pete Wildman (Didcot) and Paul Statham (Lutterworth). Also credit to Mark Stafford for providing a fast solution in Bedford. All great managers.

Les Flanagan, MD & Owner, Les Flanagan Logistics Ltd