When it comes to freight forwarding, having the right set of values instils confidence in your employees and customers around the world. NNR is a great case study of how you should be thinking about when you enter the freight forwarding industry.

From Integrity, quality, innovation, environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility, they have set a great example for other companies and individuals to follow.


These are just some of the values they find most important…

Quality Control 

NNR take a pro-active approach to quality control across all areas of their organisation and in all countries they operate in. This structures their business practices, drives their continuous improvement and enables them to react swiftly and effectively.


Their core principles of ‘making safety the top priority’ and ‘treating the customer first’ will always be paramount in the way they work. To achieve their goals they adopt a client perspective to business, and endeavour to think and act from their point of view.

In order to achieve continuing success in a constantly changing environment, they continually manage and monitor the expectations of their staff and customers by listening actively and identifying ongoing changes in dynamics.

Environment Sustainability

They recognise their responsibility to contribute to the protection of the environment for future generations. They continually monitor their performance and encourage employees, partners and customers to join together and minimise the impact on the environment.

Corporate Social Responsibility

NNR must exist as a corporation that is useful to and trusted by society. They continually work to meet their own philosophy of providing confidence, comfort and enjoyment to their customers and throughout communities.

They must contribute to the continuous development of the community as a “good corporate citizen”. It also means that they need to continually respond to the expectations of stakeholders while performing business activities. These stakeholders include the community, their customers, and their employees.

Follow these simple values, and you will see your freight forwarding services start to steadily progress and grow.