Security is incredibly important to anybody in the industry. Rail, air or ocean, regardless of the distribution method you need to make sure that your cargo is looked after and that you make yourself a reliable carrier. Despite technological advancements throughout the industry, occasionally some of the older methods of security are the best. Technology tends to leave itself open to a hacking or the odd crash. A lock and a key doesn’t tend to do this. Managing risk by checking security is a vital way to ensure your cargo arrives efficiently and with no hassle.

Whilst the food and beverage industry can be hit hard when it comes to supply chain theft, it is not limited to this. High-price cargo can be stolen at any point in transit, and whilst background checks of drivers, reputations of companies and insurance and other factors have led to a drop in theft over time, a trusty pair of bolt cutters could undo all this hard work. Whilst theft continuously evolves, so must the rest of the freight forwarding industry. Technology may be proving to make security a hard game to grasp, but if you need some old-fashioned, reliable security, FORWARDER knows exactly how to help you.

The trusty padlock is one such way to go back to the old-fashioned ways of protecting your cargo. For rail, and other types of freight, one would be best off using a Steel Shutter (80MM), and Long Shackle Granit Padlocks are perfect for securing more valuable loads for minimum cost, whilst the Titalium Shutter Lock (70MM) is perfect to buy in bulk orders to secure more general cargo. All these locks can be found at incredibly competitive prices at The logistics world is evolving to encompass more high-tech measures of stopping theft. However, making sure you have the most secure physical locks is incredibly important.

Whilst these locks are some of the most secure in the business (trust me, I use them at my home and work) you must also make sure you pay attention to the other old tricks — mastering visibility, validation, transit time and risk mitigation — and you’ll be on your way to a secure set up.

Matt Dailly, Editor, FORWARDER magazine