Commenting on the National Infrastructure Commission’s (NIC) first Annual Monitoring Report, Robert Keen, Director General of the British International Freight Association (BIFA), said:

“Today, we have seen the value of having an independent National Infrastructure Commission to hold the government accountable for lack of action on key national infrastructure issues.

“Of several projects it highlights as requiring urgent action in its 2018 annual report, the commission flags the continuing lack of a Parliamentary vote on a new runway at Heathrow, a key gateway for UK manufactured exports. Expansion at Heathrow is something on which BIFA has campaigned vociferously on behalf of its members.

“We share the disappointment expressed by Sir John Armitt, chairman of the NIC, about the lack of progress with expansion at Heathrow and agree that the government needs to deliver on its promise of making a decision on the airport”s third runway by the summer.

“Any further delay would be irreconcilable with the government’s commitment to deliver the infrastructure the country needs. It should take note of the NIC’s call for action and come forward with a clear plan for progress.”

“Over the last couple of years the Government has regularly identified the need for capital and infrastructure investments and BIFA has frequently said that there is a pressing need to improve the country’s transport infrastructure across all modes. Today’s NIC report shows that its time for action, not words.”