The WCA’s connected group of independent freight forwarders have met, once again, in Singapore for their 20th annual conference, and their 10th worldwide, to network, socialise and bring together incredible ideas for all aspects of the freight forwarding world. FORWARDER Magazine is there to talk to anybody with any questions about the industry, and how to launch yourself through the plethora of media offered by Freight Media Ltd.

Dedicated entirely to providing world-beating benefits and networking opportunities to its members, WCA’s annual conference is seen as a valuable event for many within the freight forwarding industry, and FORWARDER Magazine is delighted to be the newest media partner for the conference.

Over the several days of the conference FORWARDER Magazine representatives will be amongst the thousands of attendees handing out our latest issue of the magazine, which features interviews with some of the most prominent WCA members, current CEO Dan March and Founder and Chairman David Yokeum all create a great piece about the importance of connectivity and togetherness within the freight forwarding community.

FORWARDER Magazine is currently the industry’s premier source for logistics and freight forwarding news, information and insight. Coupled with the power of Freight Media Ltd. and the FORWARDER Directory we will be offering advice to many throughout the conference.

If you need to find us at the event we are between stand A4 – A5, next to the helpdesk No.1. We have already had plenty of meetings scheduled for the coming days and if you would like to meet with a representative please contact us ASAP. We look forward to advising, helping and socialising with everyone at the conference.