The FORWARDER events at Heathrow on 5th October 2023, held at the Delta Marriott hotel and sponsored by Altus Group, was a highly successful and engaging event for industry leaders in the supply chain. The day commenced with a friendly and jovial coffee session, allowing participants to mingle and network.

“The most well thought through event I’ve attended,” exclaimed Claire from Container Trades Statistics, capturing the sentiment of attendees who were impressed by the event’s meticulous planning and execution.

The event was formally opened by Jamie Breese, setting the tone for the day’s proceedings. Maddy Matheson from Charity for the event Transaid provided an informative overview and also ran an exciting raffle, adding an element of anticipation to the event.

“I was pushed out of my comfort zone, but it was amazing and so valuable,” remarked John Cass from Cargo Oversees about the exhilarating speed networking session. This feedback highlights the success of the session in creating valuable connections and stretching participants’ boundaries.

Saul and Andrew from Altus Group delivered a captivating keynote speech on Business Rates at the Forwarder Events. Their expertise and insights provided valuable information to attendees, helping them navigate the complexities of this critical aspect of the industry.

After a refreshing break, the event moved into a high-energy Speed Networking session that saw over 1600 meetings take place in less than an hour. This fast-paced activity facilitated meaningful connections and further enhanced networking opportunities.

“I’ve already picked up a new client from the Social Media post Forwarder did, and the event hasn’t even started yet,” shared Sarah Darby from Intercarry enthusiastically. This comment further exemplifies the positive impact of the event, not only in terms of networking but also in generating tangible business opportunities for attendees.

A sandwich lunch was provided, fueling attendees for the afternoon’s lineup of keynote speeches. Nik Nicholas from Covelent delivered a keynote on the importance of data, followed by Lucinda Maxwell from Sustainability Partners Pledge, who highlighted the significance of sustainability in the industry. The day concluded with a thought-provoking Business Growth Panel Discussion featuring Richard Lowe from Hewlett Rand, Kirsty Birch from Work it Well, Laura Aiken from Thrive Leadership, Yafit Davis from YBDT, Daniella Goodwin from Headford Group, and Nik Nicholas.

The panel discussion was followed by an engaging chat and Q&A session, providing further insights and knowledge-sharing opportunities. Richard also shared his mission to Hong Kong, adding an international perspective to the event. Event Director Paul Stoneman then announced the upcoming event in Doncaster, keeping attendees informed about future opportunities.

To wrap up the day, Rob Whiffing from SGS Ltd, the Entertainment Sponsor, closed the business portion of the event and introduced Pianist Rosie Stoneman and Band Cut Throat Francis, who provided a delightful musical backdrop for the social and networking session. This allowed guests to relax and enjoy themselves, fostering an atmosphere of laughter and continued relationship-building.

Overall, the FORWARDER events at Heathrow on 5th October 2023 provided industry leaders with a highly productive and enjoyable day of networking, learning, and engagement. The event successfully brought together key players from the supply chain, facilitating meaningful connections and fostering a collaborative environment. The positive feedback received from Claire at Container Trades Statistics about the event being the most well thought through event she’s attended, John Cass from Cargo Oversees’ comment about the amazing and valuable speed networking experience, and Sarah Darby from Intercarry’s excitement about already securing a new client from Forwarder’s social media post demonstrate the event’s overwhelming success and positive impact on participants.