Ekeri Trailers, the Finnish side-opening vehicle body specialist manufacturer, is now producing a range of ATP-certified trailers for general distribution and urban applications.

FNA/FRC certifies the trailer body to ATP standards and ensures a versatile transportation unit, well-suited to the carriage of foodstuffs, parcelled goods and perishable or sensitive loads.

In June of last year, Wellocks, the specialist food ingredients supplier, added a temperature-controlled Ekeri trailer to its fleet in a move to reduce ‘food miles’ and to speed up the delivery of fresh products to its customers in the restaurant, pub and hotel industries.

“The side-opening design makes for much easier access and loading –  we managed a speedy 40-minute turnaround, emptying and restocking of the trailer at our depot on its first run.” Reported Fleet Manager, Mick Martindale.

Designed and built by Ekeri, the class ‘A’ (FNA) refrigerated trailer was the first of its type from Ekeri to operate in the UK and said Wellocks, “carries ambient and chilled products, down to 4 degrees, saving at least a half hour on each daily run.”

All Ekeri, ATP type-approved FNA and FRC bodies are available with a fully opening side and are equipped for multi-temperature purposes with various specifications of moveable, insulated bulkheads. The bodies fulfil all the strict quality requirements for transportation of foodstuffs, and have a low unladen weight. The insulation material is environmentally friendly and Freon-free.

“We provide fruit, vegetables, dairy, poultry, meat, fish, sundries and store cupboard essentials to the trade and we’ve invested in the latest distribution methods to ensure that all our produce is still in pristine condition when it arrives with the customer. The temperature -controlled side opening trailer from Ekeri certainly helps to achieve this.” Concludes Mick.

ATP is an international agreement concerning the transportation of perishable foodstuffs.

F = refrigeration unit
N = normal insulation
R = heavy insulation
A = temperatures from +12°C to 0°C
C = +12°C to -20°C