Flexport, the Full-Service Digital Freight Forwarder & Customs Brokerage, has today announced the launch of Flexport Capital in the UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Canada, and Luxembourg, providing growing companies with quick access to working capital financing without the added constraints typical from other lenders. 


Backed by Flexport’s deep global logistics experience, Flexport Capital enables businesses to unlock cash that’s currently tied up in their supply chain. Flexport Capital pays suppliers on the customers behalf, so customers don’t pay for inventory until it’s on the shelves. As a result, customers can accelerate sales growth while stabilising cash flows by structuring financing to match the needs of their business cycle.

“Enterprise businesses face limited options when seeking short-term financing from lenders who understand the nature of global logistics,” commented Christos Chamberlain, UK General Manager at Flexport. “Our customers have increased sales, invested in necessary infrastructure and lowered their net landed costs all because of the freedom Flexport Capital provided them.”

Flexport Capital works through lending against a company’s most valuable asset, its inventory, without requiring collateral or equity. The expertise of a global logistics provider allows Flexport to craft easy-to-use financial products that offer working capital benefits and streamline inventory purchasing for customers. Flexport’s finance products also include embedded payment processing, which means Flexport pays its customer’s suppliers directly.

“In today’s environment, businesses need the speed and agility to grow their business successfully,” explains Christos Chamberlain, UK General Manager at Flexport. “Our financing products enable customers to lend against their inventory-in-transit to unlock new sources of capital, providing the unsecured, non-dilutive financing needed to accelerate a growing business. At Flexport, we not only understand the supply chain needs of a growing company but stand as a value-added partner to borrowers for trade finance products and beyond.”

Flexport Capital provides instalment payment plans to help brands and importers build inventory and delay freight and duties expenses. The launch of the Flexport Capital solutions in the UK will help companies preserve existing capital availability, extend cash runway, and enable investment in strategic initiatives.