DKV BOX EUROPE undergoing final testing phase
First on-board units in the Netherlands installed by DON Trucking
DKV BOX EUROPE becomes generally available as from the 4th quarter of 2018

Noordwijkerhout, xy.xy.2018. DKV BOX EUROPE, the on-board unit that will soon make it possible to settle toll charges all over Europe in accordance with the EETS (European Electronic Toll Service) directives, is undergoing its final testing phase in August. Over one thousand toll boxes will be tested by DKV customers throughout Europe. Apart from transaction records, all other processes involved in using the on-board unit will be tested, like emergency conditions and customer service.

One of the testing candidates is customer and logistics service provider Don Trucking. On August 2, this transport firm received and installed their first on-board units. Don Trucking will be testing DKV BOX EUROPE in their trucks. “DKV BOX EUROPE will simplify our company’s operational processes. Right now we are still forced to register for each individual country, which involves varying accounts and piles of paperwork. For us, in future just one online portal and one on-board unit will do. Installation moreover is very simple. It took us just one quarter of an hour to install our first on-board unit,” says Darek Hejnicki, operational director at Don Trucking. “Thanks to the DKV BOX EUROPE we will be able to invoice even more quickly and accurately.” adds Don de Jong, founder of Don Trucking.

DKV BOX EUROPE has been ready for ordering through the DKV Euro Service website since May 2018 and will become generally available by the fourth quarter of 2018. Belgian toll charges are the first that can be settled with the DKV BOX EUROPE. German tolls will be integrated by early 2019, after which the so-called DSRC-countries (Austria, France, Spain and Portugal) will follow. Shortly afterwards, also Italy and the Öresund and Storebaelt bridges in Scandinavia will be activated.

“Our purpose is to replace our current built-in on-board units by DKV BOX EUROPE as of the fourth quarter of 2018. In the medium term, users will then have just one on-board unit for all Europe at their disposal: DKV BOX EUROPE,” says Gertjan Breij, Managing Director at DKV Euro Service. “Important to emphasise in this respect is that DKV BOX EUROPE need not be substituted for another box yet again at some later stage. New countries and their required upgrades are integrated over-the-air, so fully automatically and irrespective of the location of the vehicle. Customers can easily activate or de-activate countries or assign on-board units to other vehicles by using the online portal.”

DKV BOX EUROPE can be ordered here: