We spent months collecting data from the world’s 10 biggest shipping lines across the 20 biggest ports and published the results as a report: Download report 

Although its most interesting to directly look at the data/ the report, here is a short insight on what we found out:  

  • Both demurrage and detention charges rise quickly after initial free-days to $123 after 7 days and $537 after 14 days across ports and shipping lines for 20DCs. Merchants have on average 5.89 free days across ports for 20DCs, afterwards demurrage & detention charges are levied. 
  • For 20DCs on day 14 only, Busan (South Korea) is the cheapest port with on average only $6.46 per day compared to Los Angeles (US) with $196.88 per day. The average across all of the 20 biggest ports is on $35.14 added in demurrage or detention charges on day 14 for a 20DC, the maximum is $241,87, again, in Los Angeles. On average, shipping lines offer 6.74 free days across ports.  

It is the first time now that people can gain transparency on demurrage & detention charges … although it is so expensive, carriers rarely mention them on their freight rate sheets.  You can analyse and learn more using this dashboard.

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