Potential to make ‘last-mile’ logistics a problem of the past

Transport management system leaders, Fargo Systems, is maintaining its pioneering position in the logistics industry with its adoption of /// what3words geocoding technology.

With the company’s TOPS platform currently storing the what3words address against its location records, Steve Collins, explains: “what3words divides the world into three-metre squares and gives each one a unique address – made of three dictionary words. For example, the precise 3 word address for Fargo Systems, Ipswich is ///legend.atomic.park. It is enabling people to be found easily in emergencies, for example, but also brings considerable benefits to the logistics sector.

“We believe using these three unique words to identify a delivery location will significantly reduce those last-mile logistics problems experienced across the industry. While a postcode gets you close, what3words identifies an exact location – whether that’s a loading bay on a trading or industrial estate, an area of a building to access, or a residential address.  This translates into cost and efficiency savings as a driver knows exactly where he is heading and an improved customer experience.

“The next stage for us is to integrate what3words into our collection and delivery notes and roll out the technology into our TOPS…on the go and ePOD mobile solutions.”

With a reputation for taking the technological lead, for both its clients and their customers, Steve continues: “Being proactive has secured our position as transport and logistics software market leaders. Embracing this technology is the next step for us and the 1,750 end users we work with around the globe. Back in August the app topped the download charts, confirming a genuine interest in its capabilities. With the potential to supersede traditional addressing and GPS coordinates, we believe what3words is an exciting development.”

Pierre Francois, Senior Partnerships Manager at what3words, concludes: “As forward-thinking innovators in both of our respective markets, we are delighted to link with Fargo Systems. Our location technology offers a very simple way to communicate any precise location, providing a clear and easy way to combat the last-mile logistics challenge.”

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