Rohlig Suus Logistics has acquired 100% of the shares in Expert, a company specialising in delivery and value-added services for e-commerce. The transaction will help strengthen the LCL offer of Poland’s largest logistics operator with professional last-mile delivery services for household appliances, consumer electronics, and furniture. Their combined expertise is expected to create the first such comprehensive offer for e-commerce players—from global transport, warehousing, and customs services, to installation and configuration, as well as collection of old equipment.

Both Rohlig Suus Logistics and Expert are counting on synergies—Expert’s specialised expertise is expected to help strengthen the company’s leading position in the e-commerce area. The Gdańsk-based company has been in business for 13 years and has 20 branches throughout Poland. Its specialised teams not only deliver goods from brick-and-mortar and online shops to end-customers but also provide comprehensive installation services—from furniture assembly to gas and electrical installations and the installation of household appliances and consumer electronics in accordance with the customer’s specifications.

Rohlig Suus Logistics has global expertise in supply chain management, while Expert is a high quality last-mile delivery service and experience in value-added services. We believe that the comprehensive B2B and B2C offer resulting from this merger provides the market with a new quality. Customers rightfully expect the high level of service that many delivery services provide to their clientele. It is more difficult to maintain this level of service for more complex pallet deliveries that require very specific skills and expertise—especially when customers expect their equipment to be installed and their furniture to be assembled. With our deliveries, we will build a positive customer experience as well as satisfaction with the purchase and use of new furniture or equipment. This will be the achievement of our new Experts, as it is their exclusive focus, one on which they will fully concentrate,” says Adam Galek, a member of the Rohlig Suus Logistics management board.

This is a new chapter in the history of the Rohlig Suus Logistics. In the coming year, Suus wants to grow through acquisitions focusing on foreign markets in the CEE region.

“Joining the Rohlig Suus Logistics is a great success for our entire team. The result of both the operational and the capital collaboration will be to complement the wide range of services offered by the RSL with specialised and comprehensive solutions for the last mile. More than 43 years of joint experience will allow us to set new standards in the market and significantly expand the company’s customer portfolio. Imagine a scenario where a manufacturer/distributor/shop offering its products, which are manufactured in another part of the globe under a single contract with a logistics operator, can benefit from direct delivery to the customer along with specialised installation services—this is a rarity, most especially on the global scale,” says Kamil Rybiński, COO and a member of the management board of Expert Sp. z o.o.

Representatives of both companies point out the growing importance of specialisation in last mile delivery. For the end user, comfort is ever-more important. A company making such deliveries must have trained two-person crews with the necessary technical skills and expertise, and should also be able to handle the challenges of the so-called reverse logistics—taking back old equipment. In the context of increasing sustainability requirements, this theme will grow in importance.

Source: rohlig suus logistics