Express Global Logistics (EXG) have moved four massive columns (the largest at 51m-long) in India, from Tarapur in Maharashtra to Barmer in Rajasthan for a well-known industrial company. The incredible over-dimensional cargo was successfully delivered in a well-planned and carefully coordinated operation. See photos in the gallery below.

The cargo consisted of:

  • A Naphtha Stabiliser Column (distillation)
    at 50.70 x 4.80 x 5.40m / 129mt – using a 14.6m spacer
  • A Stripper Column (helps remove volatiles from water)
    at 42.05 x 5.00 x 5.70m / 220mt – using a 12.5m spacer
  • A Swing Naphtha Stripper (heavy gases condenser)
    at 36.50 x 6.20 x 6.70m / 92mt – using a 10m spacer
  • An Absorber Column (allows separation of gases from liquids)
    at 32.30 x 3.40 x 3.70m / 75mt

EXG’s scope included the transportation as well as railway shutdowns, civil work at various points and the dismantling of a toll plaza to allow the huge cargo to pass safely. The team also had to deal with heavy non-seasonal rains leaving the roads pot-holed and uneven in many places which was a risk for the cargo and had to be corrected.

The EXG team endured and delivered the difficult project successfully despite the challenges, all thanks to detailed plans coordinated by their asset management, heavy hauling, and engineering departments well in advance of the cargo’s movement.