Montapacking, one of the fastest growing e-commerce companies in the Netherlands, chose to automate their logistic processes with the Lowpad.

Montapacking provides logistics for more than 600 web shops. The company is highly technology driven and was looking for an innovative solution to improve logistic processes in their warehouses. In their search they got to know the Lowpad, a product developed by Eurotec.

The Lowpad is a smart autonomous mobile robot which can be operated without requiring adjustments to the infrastructure of a warehouse. Safety is guaranteed by certified safety sensors. Lowpads are controlled through overhead software, which can be integrated seamlessly into the client’s existing system.

Compared to other autonomous mobile robots, the Lowpad system offer Montapacking the best solution to optimize their logistic processes. Edwin van der Ham, Founder Montapacking: ‘The Lowpad is one of a kind, because of its ultra-low height, scalability and goods to person technology. The Lowpad will fulfill a key role in our logistic processes in all our warehouses and give us the ability for hybrid order picking, a situation where order pickers and Lowpads operates in the same environment. We have high expectations about the Lowpad and looks forward to experience a major contribution of the Lowpad in our warehouse efficiency’.

The first Lowpads are recently implemented at one of Montapacking’s warehouses in Gorinchem. Eurotec looks forward to provide all the other warehouses of Montapacking in the near future with hundreds of the Lowpads.

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