To make it easier for customers to locate their closest Service Point and to receive or send parcels, DHL has extended their tracking and delivery system with a new map tool in their tracking system, ‘PreCom’. The tool is delivered by Pocketmobile. DHL customers will benefit from better customer service.

The goal of improving DHL’s existing Service Point solution with better map functionality is to offer easier access to 1400 DHL Service Points in Sweden. As DHL has control of the map layer, they can easily add new map information to enhance visibility. The Service Points are very important to enable customers to collect their e-commerce parcels more easily.

Today, DHL’s tracking system, PreCom, delivered by PocketMobile, helps DHL to track parcels, notify recipients, and enables consumers to find their nearest Service Point. Once a parcel has arrived at the Service Point, it’s barcode is scanned, and a text message is sent to the receiver with information that the package can be collected.

Many e-retailers have a generous return policy and so it’s also convenient for consumers to be able to see online which Service Point is closest to them to handle any returns. The map on DHL’s site provides the customer with information such as whether the selected Service Point can handle returns for national or international e-retailers as well as specific weight and packaging capabilities.

“By upgrading PreCom with the enhanced map tool, we can act faster on changes, as we are in control of the map data. We can provide better consumer service and consequently enhance the customer experience”, says Jonas Lindell, Managing Director, DHL eCommerce Solutions Sweden. “We are proud to work with one of the most advanced and global eCommerce suppliers, DHL, and so play a part in enabling Swedish e-commerce consumers to find their optimal Service Point to pick up their parcels or send their returns”, says Anders Tormod, General Manager at PocketMobile.