Elemica, the leading Digital Supply Network for process manufacturing industries, announces the company’s first quarter results of 2018 highlighting substantial network growth and new product innovations.

The Elemica Digital Supply Network had significant network expansion in the first quarter with traffic growing 10 percent year-over-year in Q1. Shipment traffic grew substantially based on new product expansions of Elemica Trace. 

“Elemica’s growth can be attributed to our clients needing our expertise and technology to undergo a Digital Transformation that connects, automates, anticipates and transforms their enterprise for their business growth initiatives,” said John Blyzinskyj, CEO of Elemica. “Our digital supply network enables businesses to grow their top and bottom lines, mitigate risk and improve customer satisfaction across all their trading partners.”

In the first quarter, Elemica introduced three new transformative solutions that aid in digital transformation by extending connection, automation, and anticipation capabilities between trading partners:

·       Elemica QuickLink Email Logistics allows clients to onboard their logistics service providers cost effectively by connecting and automating their shipping processes through email.

·       Elemica QuickLink Email P2P enables clients and their suppliers to send and confirm purchase orders and invoices automatically with each other.

·       Elemica Trace provides real-time shipment and risk visibility to customer service, transport planners, and supply chain managers, allowing them to monitor and proactively manage the movement of products to customers and inbound to manufacturing centers.

Additionally, Rich Katz, CTO of Elemica, recently joined the Forbes Technology Council, a hand-selected, curated network of peers sharing thought leadership and best practices with each other and the industry.

The Elemica Digital Supply Network accelerates digital transformation for our clients by managing the products they buy, sell, and move through their extended supply chains with real-time visibility. The Elemica Digital Supply Network improves customer service, reduces costs throughout operations, and sustains profitable growth.