Improves Supply Chain Quality and Transparency

Elemica, the leading Digital Supply Chain Network in the chemical industry, has now extended its offerings to the pharmaceutical industry. Pharmaceutical Companies using Elemica’s solutions will now benefit from improved collaboration, visibility, quality management, traceability, and speed of execution across their global supply chains.

For more than 20 years, Elemica has been architecting digital solutions to address complexity within chemical industry supply chains; globalization, outsourcing, regulatory changes, quality control, operational efficiency, market agility, logistics, and sustainable growth. Now, Elemica will offer their robust next-gen platform and solutions to the Pharmaceutical Industry.

“Chemicals are a prime input to the pharmaceutical industry, said Arun Samuga, Elemica’s Chief Technology Officer. “In addition, these industries share synergies in supply chain challenges. This makes Elemica’s solutions a natural extension for pharmaceutical manufacturers.”

Today 9 out of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies are already connected with the Elemica network, as they are already sending electronic purchase orders to Elemica clients. “Similar to our clients, pharmaceutical key players can now achieve full supply chain digization benefits, e.g. precise, real-time control of formulation ingredients”, explains Samuga.

Upon joining the Elemica network pharmaceutical manufacturers can extend their digitization efforts utilizing the following solutions:

  • Elemica’s Digital Supply Network captures real-time event and transaction data within the pharmaceutical ERP solution from formulation and raw material suppliers to its customers being hospitals, distributors and pharmacies.
  • Elemica QUALITY achieves digitized control of supplier material quality and compliance for clients. The solution captures data temperature from IoT and other sensors connected to the network. As a result partners are able to react to supply, demand changes and risks in time.
  • Elemica BUY connects, automates and visualizes the multi-enterprise procure-to-pay process reducing supply chain risks. The solution realizes this by ensuring 100% digitization of all orders, advance shipping notices, and invoice documents for oversight and strong supplier relationships.
  • For medications like blood vials that have short shelf lives, Elemica MOVE optimizes the just-in-time-delivery, through insights impacting timeliness of deliveries, distribution costs, sales and customer satisfaction.
  • Elemica Sell automates the order capture of the multi-enterprise order-to-cash process. The system updates all inbound customer orders to the pharmaceutical ERP.

Status: December 3rd 2019

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