Eezyimport, the Web-based, do-it-yourself (DIY) platform for U.S. importers’ customs clearance requirements, marks its second anniversary. This U.S.-Israeli freight technology company fills a market gap by serving the growing number of small and medium size (SMEs and SMBs) importers engaged in e-commerce businesses that gain significant value and ease from an extremely cost efficient, customs clearance self-filing solution.

Eezyimport offers a Web version and a mobile app, eezyflow, to simplify the required customs forms, ISF 10+2 and Entry Summary, for customs clearance. Importers are empowered with a self-service option that allows them to reduce the cost of filing by eliminating third-party involvement. For example, the cost for ISF+ES filing with a customs broker is approximately twice what it costs through eezyimport.

Asaf Fridenson, eezyimport founder and CEO, explains that, “The platform takes customers step-by-step through the filing process and offers them an up-to-date view of their filing status via the online dashboard. Our company has four decades of experience in logistics and has been a market leader throughout. We’re committed to helping customers navigate the complex and costly importing world as we expand our range of efficient, DIY solutions.”

The eezyimport customs filing solution also comprises different tracks to suit the needs of importers. For instance, importers with pre-assigned U.S. CBP (Customs Border Protection) filer codes are independent, so easily file documents online with eezyimport. On the other hand, importers who do not meet CBP requirements can choose eezyimport’s Broker Module. This option provides an auxiliary customs broker to review, confirm, and eventually file their Entry Summaries. However, the customer remains in complete control throughout a fully transparent process.

Driven by its passion for tech innovation, eezyimport constantly works to hone its services to address its clients’ pain points, and address industry complexity and challenges.