• XLERATE will operate exclusively on the Shanghai to Los Angeles Lane and provide freight delivery services to 8 inland CFS locations in the US
  • Offers the fastest port to port transit time of 10 days from Shanghai to Los Angeles

ECU Worldwide, the global leader in LCL consolidation, has launched LCL Express Service “XLERATE”. It will be a CFS to CFS express service which leverages the industry leading ocean services of MATSON Navigation from Shanghai in China to Los Angeles in the US. It offers the fastest port to port transit time of 10 days from Shanghai to Los Angeles. The container vessel is offloaded at the bonded CFS of ECU Worldwide in Los Angeles 24 hours after its scheduled arrival on a Sunday.

ECU Worldwide further combines the market-leading ocean port to port service with its Bonded IPI/ Express Team Driver Truck service that departs from its Los Angeles Import Ocean CFS every Monday night and provides freight delivery services to 8 Inland CFS locations across the eastern half of the US. Customers can get their goods cleared with the US Customs and then manage the final delivery with their regular local delivery provider. The service has been designed to provide the maximum benefits to the freight forwarding and NVOCC customers of ECU Worldwide.

“XLERATE reiterates our commitment to provide an expedited LCL product to our freight forwarding clients from Shanghai to the final CFS locations in the US. It combines the benefits of an express service with a day definite arrival and an all-inclusive simplified fee structure which includes price per kilo on FOB Shanghai basis through to the final CFS and the final CFS destination fees. Our customer is assured of speedy final mile deliveries and cost optimization benefits,” stated Tim Tudor, Chief Executive Officer, ECU Worldwide.

The new service has been designed as ECU Worldwide’s response to Covid-19.  The combination of increased demand for Airfreight services and reduction in air cargo capacity has caused an upsurge in airfreight prices to 400% to 500% above pre CNY levels. This has created major backlogs of airfreight shipments at Shanghai airport. XLERATE is also meant to address the impact of a surge in airfreight rates owing to a massive reduction in international passenger flight cargo space.