Echandia has appointed Trevor Small as new Sales Director for the US and Canadian markets, commencing his role on October 1st.

The North American market for maritime electrification is growing rapidly and is estimated to shortly be in size equivalent to the total European market.

“Echandia is the industry leader in maritime battery systems based on LTO chemistry. Renowned for its fast-charging capabilities, unmatched safety, and long cycle lifespan. My primary focus is on establishing and growing Echandia’s North American market presence, an initiative that aligns closely with my long-standing commitment to sustainable maritime technology”, says Trevor Small.

Trevor brings expertise in established and emerging industrial sustainable and decarbonization technologies, focusing on zero-emission and hybrid solutions. His specialization includes battery energy storage, shore charging and connections, fuel cells, future fuels, and containerized solutions tailored for the maritime industry.

“Trevor will be a great resource and asset to the Echandia team with his commitment and experience within our industry. Through our key global customers, we are already in a good position for expanding into the fast-growing North American market with several upcoming projects”, says Göran Fransson, CCO at Echandia.

Trevor’s appointment marks another milestone in Echandias expansion efforts within the global maritime electrification market.

Source: Echandia