Dynamic has processed the UK’s first digital Customs Carnet at London’s Heathrow Airport as part of the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s eATA pilot project
London, UK, Tuesday 5th July 2022 : Dynamic International, a Global Critical Logistics (GCL) Company, has processed the UK’s first electronic Admission Temporaire/Temporary Admission (ATA) Carnet at London’s Heathrow Airport using a new app developed by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).

Film and television (TV) logistics specialist Dynamic International, working with sister company Dynamic Dox, the UK’s largest independent ATA Carnet provider, transported camera equipment from the UK to Belgium using the app to electronically process the Customs documents as part of the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI)’s eATA pilot scheme.

LCCI, which is the ATA guaranteeing organization for the UK, is running the eATA pilot scheme to trial the digital processing of international Customs documents using the ICC app.

“We have been closely and eagerly following the development of this app, which will revolutionise the handling of ATA Carnets,” said Tony Scott, Director of Operations, Dynamic International.

“There are so many advantages to simplifying the handling and presentation of Carnets at ports and airports, from time saving, to error reduction, security, and environmental benefits.

“Dynamic has been providing bespoke logistics services to the film and TV sector for over 34 years. We operate in a fast-paced business environment, where delivering on time and at short notice matters. By digitising the Customs procedure, we can save time and serve our customers in a more efficient manner.”

The ATA Carnet is an international Customs document that permits the duty-free and tax-free temporary import of goods for up to one year.

LCCI’s eATA pilot is being rolled out at Heathrow airport, with airports in Belgium, Canada, China, Norway, and Switzerland, also trialing digital Carnets using the ICC app.

Paper documents are being run alongside e-documents, enabling the two systems to be compared.

“LCCI has been working together with Borderforce and HMRC to propagate the usage of digital Carnets in the UK,” said Davor Mckinley, Head of International Trade and Compliance at the LCCI.

“We are delighted to see the UK’s first digital Carnet, processed by Dynamic Dox Ltd, in a pilot at Heathrow.

“London is at the forefront of developing industry-leading technology designed to enhance trade for businesses at every level, and we are incredibly proud that the UK’s first digital Carnet was processed in our city.

“Digitalising ATA Carnets will greatly simplify the process of temporary admission going forward. In turn, it is our hope that this will help further enhance London’s reputation as the pre-eminent global city and one of the best cities in the world in which to do business.”

The purpose of the eATA Carnet pilot is to validate the digital ATA Carnet concept and to demonstrate that all aspects of the ATA Carnet lifecycle management can be carried out electronically, in order to facilitate transition from a paper-based document to a digital one.
“This was a perfect opportunity to trial the new app,” said Scott.

“When we received the request to ship the camera, we had just 30 minutes to apply for the paper ATA documents before the Chamber closed.

“Borderforce were ready at Heathrow and used the app to process the documents in under a minute.

“The paper version of the ATA Carnet had to be checked, completed, and stamped, which took far longer, there was no comparison.”

Dynamic safely delivered the camera equipment to Belgium within hours of receiving the customer request, using the new app to process Customs e-documents.

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