11 September 2018

DSV in the UK has been awarded the Authorised Economic Operator F (AEOF) accreditation, covering its Road, Air & Sea and Solutions operations, providing extra assurance to its customers that the organisation meets strict customs criteria, demonstrating quality, compliance and trustworthiness to the international supply chain.

In order to achieve AEOF status, DSV had to prove it met specific criteria derived from the Union Customs Code (UCC), including showcasing an appropriate record of compliance, demonstrating a satisfactory system of managing commercial and transport records with appropriate customs controls, demonstrating financial solvency as well as appropriate security and safety standards. By satisfying this criteria, DSV is proving itself to be reliable in their customs related operations throughout the European Community for goods imported into or exported from the EU.

DSV has always conducted itself in keeping with the expectations of an AEO, but now we have been through the accreditation process and made it official. The timing was right for us to formalise this standard as, increasingly, our customers were seeking the extra assurance that AEO Accreditation provides. Additionally, our colleagues in the USA with C-TPAT wanted to derive the benefits mutual recognition could deliver between the two standards.

DSV’s BREXIT Action Group has been working through all possible Brexit scenario’s to ensure we’re ready for March 2019, and we feel that AEO will definitely be an advantage post-Brexit, for DSV and our customers. However, the AEO accreditation isn’t the end for us. There is plenty of change to come within our business, we have always looking for ways to improve what we do and what we offer, to exceed the expectations of our customers and the authorities.

Phil Evans, UK Customs & Security Manager, DSV.