New service marks the 19th new shipping route launched by DP World Marine Services worldwide since October 2022

Unifeeder Group, an integrated and core part of DP World Marine Services, has launched a new direct service connecting four ports in Colombia and the port of Manzanillo in Panama, adding a new layer of flexibility to export customers, such as fruit producers in the Americas region. The service will be managed by Unifeeder Group, one of the leading multi-regional feeder and container operators in the world. 

The new service provides the best coverage for containerised cargo between the North Colombian ports of Turbo, Santa Marta, Cartagena, Barranquilla and Manzanillo in Panama, offering swift transit times. It specifically caters to export companies dealing with time-sensitive products like fresh fruits.

Adding a layer of flexibility, the service allows for additional terminals to be called at the hub ports, subject to inducement (vessels will call at the port if a sufficient amount of cargo is available and booked). The launch of the new route showcases DP World’s and Unifeeder’s commitment to providing efficient, reliable and comprehensive shipping solutions in response to the evolving demands of the international trade landscape, helping solve the complex challenges of end-to-end supply chains.

Since October 2022, DP World Marine Services has successfully introduced 19 new shipping routes, enhancing connectivity between key ports worldwide. DP World Marine Services’ route expansions include the Vietnam Indonesia Service (VIS) in April 2023 and the India Middle East Service (IMS) in August 2023, among others. These routes seamlessly connect key ports, creating a robust network that enhances trade opportunities for businesses across diverse sectors.

DP World Marine Services has focused on increasing the frequency and reliability of its services in support of its geographic expansion. The company has strategically deployed new vessels, optimised rotations and introduced shuttle services to meet the growing demand for efficient shipping solutions.

Jesper Kristensen, Group COO Marine Services at DP World, said: “This significant expansion of our global network reinforces DP World Marine Services’ commitment to providing unparalleled shipping solutions. Our goal is to not only meet but exceed the expectations of our customers by offering reliable and efficient services across diverse trade routes.”

DP World Marine Services continues to invest in its fleet, technology, and infrastructure to ensure that it remains at the forefront of the maritime industry. The company’s dedication to innovation, reliability and customer satisfaction positions DP World Marine Services as a preferred choice for shippers worldwide.

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Source: dp world