Nothing beats holding a perfectly bound, glossy, freshly printed magazine in your hands, right?  I mean, we’re not exactly going to disagree with you there!  As much as we like to immerse ourselves in technology these days, digital won’t yet truly outdo print in terms of the experience it gives you.  You can keep printed books and files forever, you can fan them out proudly on your coffee table to display, and we would even argue it is the most sentimental form of marketing out there. So how exactly can you get your business in print?

Advert placement

Placing an advert in a magazine can give great results.  It’s even better when it’s in an industry magazine that is sent out and read by MDs, CEOs and subscribers within your sector.  As one of the industry’s most loved publications, FORWARDER magazine is proud to be able to provide opportunities to include industry-related articles and adverts.  Want your business and services to reach a global audience that is specifically ready by industry professionals?  Starting from a quarter-page advert to a six-page feature, there are plenty of options you can choose to become the next advert our readers see when they turn the page.

Advertise yourself to the right audience

We’re passionate about the freight and logistics industry.
It’s in everything we do and it’s why we created FORWARDER magazine.  We have created and developed over 14 sections dedicated to the industry and over 12 topics of focus per year, so, whatever your business, there will be the right issue for you. Our features calendar covers topics across the entire industry, so whether you’re an airlines or a courier, there will be an issue with your company’s name on it…perhaps literally!

Of course, you want to make sure your company is placed into the most suitable magazine, so you can find our features calendar on  Our readership is broad and well established across the entire supply chain. We proudly produce content that is read and loved by experts and companies around the globe.  Our reach is around 250,000 readers per issue, and 45% constitute our American audience. Furthermore, our readers are from an array of sectors, such as freight forwarders (40%), manufacturers (15%), retail (12%) automotive, pharmaceutical and more.  Each issue is emailed to our subscription database, so our audience will never miss one.   

Get yourself on our front cover

Want the spotlight?  Always dreamed of being on the front cover of a magazine?  Well, what if I were to tell you it’s possible? FORWARDER magazine can tick that one off for you. Our front-cover feature gives you that top-spot exposure, and you also get a six-page interview and company roundup, images and a video interview for your website (images and videography included in our cover-feature package).  You will be advertised on our website for a whole month, and the printed magazines will go to both you (perhaps to adorn your coffee table) and to our readers.  If you’re reading our cover features and picturing your company there instead, maybe it’s time to make it happen…

Create your own publication

When it comes to marketing your own products and services, nothing says professionalism more than handing a client a branded company brochure that they can take away and keep for future reference.  You’re bound to leave a bigger impression with a brochure or publication than you would with just a business card, right?  Company brochures are a brilliant way to display your services, fees, company information, news and contacts. 

They can be kept forever, and guess what?  That’s right, you can fan them out on your coffee table!  Freight Solutions have all the right tools to make this happen for you – we can design it for you, print and then deliver it right to your doorstep.
We would never publish something without your approval, so we will communicate with you to make sure your brochure (or whatever we’re designing) is exactly how you imagine it. Matt cover…glossy?  You get full control over everything from start to finish, and we’ll even send you a digital version so you can add it to your website.

It all sounds impressive, right?  Print’s still very much alive.  Check out how you can market yourself through print on and

Rachel Jefferies, Editor, FORWARDER magazine