Donaldson has presented industrial air and gas filtration and purification solutions at The Battery Show Europe.

Leading manufacturer of filtration solutions Donaldson has been demonstrating how effectively implementing air and gas solutions is crucial to the performance of Electric Vehicle (EV) batteries, at The Battery Show Europe – the conference and expo focused on the Battery and EV industries.

At the event, Donaldson’s team of experts showcased how advanced filtration technologies can help avoid production interruptions, improve quality and productivity, and optimize cost efficiency, as well as support ensuring compliance with safety regulations. These solutions are designed to meet the rigorous demands of EV battery manufacturing, providing reliable performance and maintaining workplace safety.

Advanced solutions for the EV industry

Donaldson has a long history of providing reliable solutions for the automotive industry. Working with original equipment manufacturers, engineering firms, and automotive manufacturers worldwide, Donaldson designs and implements efficient air and gas solutions that can help mitigate hazards, improve production quality, and protect the environment. Donaldson’s extensive experience, wide range of industrial filtration solutions, and global presence benefits partnered electric vehicle battery manufacturers and automotive manufacturers.

Smart technology

While different parts of EV battery production present different challenges, Donaldson, as the industry standard in air and gas solutions, offers proven filtration solutions for the entire value chain.

At The Battery Show Europe, Donaldson presented compressed air and gas filtration and purification solutions, which include best-in-class drying technology with an energy-efficient regeneration process, and reliable, stable dewpoint performance down to -70°C. These products are ideal for a wide range of production processes, including general instrument air, low-pressure compressed air, CO2-free compressed air, breathing air, and welding gas purification.

Donaldson also informed about smart dust collectors equipped with Donaldson’s iCue™ Connected Filtration Technology, with experts explaining how maintaining industrial filter equipment is convenient, with tailored service plans from Donaldson’s maintenance services.

The Donaldson BOFA portable laser fume extraction range also provides battery manufacturers with a variety of systems capable of processing up to 100,000 codes per hour. This is of increased importance given regulations introduced by the EU Council on battery passports, which will include labelling, marking, and coding to help identify and trace batteries to their source.

“As a single-source supplier for clean air and gas needs, we bring extensive knowledge and proven technology to help you avoid costly unplanned downtime,” says Boris Vinette, Donaldson Industrial Air Filtration Strategic Sales Manager. “Donaldson offers a comprehensive network of filtration and purification experts who know the needs of the industry and can manage all aspects of air and gas filtration, giving our customers peace of mind and allowing them to focus their resources on other critical aspects of the production process.”

Donaldson is IATF 16949 certified, with expertise in high quality manufacturing, responsive customer service, and customized solutions that can be easily integrated into customers’ devices and applications. Interested representatives, from automotive EV battery manufacturers and application development engineers, to engineering firms and Gigafactory builds, who would like to learn more about Donaldson’s Clean Air Solutions, or would like to consult with a specialist regarding requirements for dust, fume, and mist filtration; air and gas purification; and fume extraction, can click here.

Source: Donaldson Europe BV