When vessel delays and a Customs hold on arrival at Savannah Port in U.S.A. threatened to prevent Chinese customer Tech-Long Inc., a Leading Packaging Machinery Supplier of the Bottling Industry, from exhibiting at a major trade show in Florida, Taiwanese transportation and logistics provider Dimerco’s responsive solution saved the situation, ensuring that the 9 massive blow moulding, filling and capping machines, totalling 26.9 metric tons in weight, were in place on time for day one of the event.

The out of gauge cargo had travelled from Tech-Long’s factory in Guangzhou, China and was destined for the National Plastics Exhibition at the Orange County Convention Centre (OCCC) in Orlando, Florida. Dimerco was responsible for managing the entire process for Tech-Long, from planning the most efficient route, arranging sea freight and inland transportation, to US Customs brokerage and coordinating with the OCCC’s nominated logistics provider. However, once Dimerco received notification that the cargo had been unavoidably delayed, this is where experience and an agile network enabled the company to develop an effective recovery plan and provide an alternative option to the planned trans loading of the containers at the Port. Instead of trans loading the containers in Savannah to 53’ dry vans, Dimerco suggested delivery of the machines by truck directly to the exhibition centre in Orlando, saving a vital 2 days.

Mr. William Kessler, Business Development Manager of Dimerco Express (U.S.A.) Corp. Atlanta Branch, explains. “Although, the cargo was delayed at sea because of the oversize height and width of the cargo, it could only be legally driven by day, Dimerco was able to organise and reschedule the transportation with our long-term trucking partner. By operating as a ‘control tower’, employing effective communication and working with our trusted strategic partners, quick thinking on the part of Dimerco saved the day.”

Dimerco also project managed the subsequent return of the cargo from the convention centre in Orlando to Tech-Long U.S.A. in Duluth, GA.

Project Cargo and Event Logistics are an important part of the award-winning logistics specialists’ portfolio of services. The company’s global network of offices with local teams at origin and destination, together with world leading technology, a wide service offering and key strategic partners worldwide, enables Dimerco to deliver customised services to meet highly specific transportation requirements with flexible, cost-effective solutions.