Taiwanese logistics and transportation specialist Dimerco Express Group has rolled out the latest version of its global supply chain management platform, using new Web 3.0 infrastructure to make all data exchanges seamless and instantly accessible via mobile networking and applications. 

According to Mr. Paul Chien, founder and chairman of Dimerco Express Group, the move away from Window based PC networking to embrace the latest technology and the IoT (Internet of Things), which was announced at the company’s annual management meeting in February 2018, will equip Dimerco to meet new challenges ahead and better serve its customers worldwide. 

The new system means that Dimerco can now offer a ‘virtual office’ for customers, integrating sales, operation, accounting, and financial management activity, and providing real-time visibility across the supply chain, anywhere, anytime, using smart devices. Moreover, as the system is hosted in the cloud, high performance and service reliability is assured. 

The system’s data control mechanism improves data quality, which enables customers to interrogate, analyze and generate customized reports, while automation of work flow and processes reduces paperwork and carbon emissions. 

A key feature in the latest Dimerco Value Plus System® is a Collaboration Service Platform (CSP), which provides an easily customizable dashboard for customers to track individual milestones, set up alerts and measure KPIs across the supply chain; this also includes an easy-to-use and highly efficient Purchase Order Management System (POMS) that allows, for example, multiple purchase orders across multiple countries to be synchronized, and enables information to be shared with different departments, from sales, shipping, procurement and warehouse, supporting improved performance and productivity. 

Mr. Chien highlighted the commitment of Dimerco to invest in technology to deliver visibility, collaboration and optimization. “By keeping pace with the latest trends in the digital age and introducing Web 3.0, Dimerco has transformed itself into a mobile-enabled smart logistics provider and integrator, staying ahead of the curve and continuing to provide the excellent service our customers have come to expect of us,” he said. 

For more information about Dimerco, please visit: http://www.dimerco.com/